Growing Courageous Communities to Renew America

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Our guests will address the needs of the day, look at places where the virtue solution is being effectively used, and report news about the advancement of the project.  We invite you to subscribe here!

Here are a sample of the powerful presentations from the December 2015 conference in Taylors, South Carolina.  Email us at [email protected] to host a Virtue Solution gathering at your church, school, club, or home.

In this serious look at the world, Rep. Jonathon Hill explains the depth of the problem our country faces.  We aren't a good people being run by an evil government, but a corrupt people being run simply by the type of government we have produced.  In such an environment, political action will be naive at best if We the People will not demand radical change from ourselves.

Building on Rep. Hill's remarks, researcher and writer Jim S. Davis addresses the structure of society as God designed it to be.  There is a set of "natural law" that we must acknowledge.  For example, dependency and apathy breed tyranny.  On the other hand, self-sufficiency and love for others breed liberty.

Providing a specific outline of action from the Bill of Rights, project founder R. Josiah Magnuson presents the five major tools the Founders gave us to reignite virtue so that liberty can be restored.

Patricia Wheat of makes the case for loving our neighbors, shows how We the People have abdicated our responsibility to do so, and explains how we can reclaim this crucial need in the context of Jefferson's Hundreds. 

R. Josiah Magnuson gets down to brass tacks and presents an outline for how to build a community that is prepared for any natural or man-made disaster.  When we are afraid, we often don't feel empowered to do right, so taking this fear head on by building self-sufficiency is the path to renewing liberty.  Virtue can be cultivated in America again!  Creating lighthouses across the country will equip God's people to care for those in need as well as effectively stand together against unlawful acts.