Growing Courageous Communities to Renew America

Let's start neighborhood lighthouses.

The unit or base for a core team in the Virtue Solution Project is a "micro-hub:" a community center and resource space that can become a local lighthouse.  This place serves as a neutral location for neighbors to meet for fellowship, classes, mentoring, apprenticeship, and activism.  It includes a storage facility to meet local needs - a common example might be first aid or other health resources - as well as backup supplies for an emergency such as food, ammunition, and tools.  

The center can be sponsored by a family, a church, a business, or a civic association.  Every micro-hub will be developed differently depending on the needs of the community and the circumstances it is designed to prepare for.  Each one is organic and not run by any central agency.  The goal is to be a ministry to everyone in the area, though a membership system may also be appropriate for some of the functions. 

Depending on how long our country continues down the path of moral bankruptcy, a network of micro-hubs may be a great help in overall revitalization, or provide support in a variety of small emergency events, but may also be critical in providing volunteer action and response for a major crisis caused by the fragility of our society.  If a crisis arrives, it will be up to Christians and conservative citizens to provide the needs the country will be searching for. 

But our hope is that through these community centers, we can head off any physical crisis by revitalizing the spirit of America.

Our project is currently partnering with a number of other groups with six main micro-hubs being developed primarily in Upstate South Carolina.  Numerous other similar community centers are coming together across the Southeast and elsewhere.  We will update this page as we find best practices and helpful information for this micro-hub vehicle.

This is an organic effort so you don't need any approval from our project leadership, but we'd love to hear from you if you are starting a micro-hub, or if you need help with anything.  Please call 864-420-7933.

In the conservative movement, people tend to fall into one of basically four categories:

1. Politics A: Believe that structural change - shifting the rules around - is the answer

2. Politics B: Believe that elective change - getting better people in office - is the answer.

3. Spiritual: Believe that individual heart change is the answer.

4. Preppers: See no hope for America and would rather focus on their families' immediate needs.

The Virtue Solution Project shows each of these groups their need for the others.  It provides leadership so that everyone has a role in loving our neighbors and restoring our communities.