Growing Courageous Communities to Renew America

Let's build moral courage every day.

Here's some steps we can take to grow moral courage and character.

1. Personal Spiritual Growth: Take time in prayer, read God’s Word, and meditate on Scripture.


2. Evangelism and Discipleship: Shine the light of Christ to someone else.  Walk across the street and knock on a neighbor's door, or give a word of encouragement to a friend.


3. Local Prioritization: Find a need at home and do your part, before helping elsewhere.


4. Education and Mentoring: Learn about current issues, and seek the skills to address those issues.  Then, inspire and teach someone else.


5. Community Resilience: Work to create strong new infrastructure and relationships.

Further actions to consider:

- Homesteading: Grow food and build toward family self-sufficiency.

- Civic Advocacy: Talk to an elected leader or law enforcement officer to inform, encourage, and activate them for Founding principles.

- Neighborhood Building: Reach out to someone in your area to meet a specific need you see.

- Emergency Resourcing: Store items you would need in a disaster.

Where do we start?

The first need of our nation is to dethrone the idol of Federal power and reclaim the God-given responsibilities we have to our families and neighbors.  

Is there evidence that We the People are not fulfilling our responsibilities?  Are we being bribed out of our liberty?  As one example, "red" states actually receive more Federal money on average than "blue" states.  South Carolina is one of the worst offenders, taking in over eight times as much funding as we send to Washington, D.C. on a per capita basis.  In fact, at least 39% of our state budget itself is currently directly funded by the Federal government.  How can we say No to violations of the Constitution if we are economically dependent on those very violations?

If we are to be serious about ending Federal overreach, we must be willing to say the hard truth.  Unconstitutional acts are not primarily implemented by force but by finance.  Regulations that crush our schools and businesses often come not at the point of a gun but on the back of funding.  And even if Federal actions were altogether right, local and state dependency is unsustainable as the United States plunges trillions further into debt, and as our society becomes increasingly fragile and top-heavy.

We must resist unlawful Federal domination, and protect our families against the instability that is encroaching, by weaning our states and local governments off Federal funding.  We need to project a new vision for the future where the people are the source of power, not the object of it.  We need to recapture the bottom-up framework of America.

But to refuse the funds, we must replace the current path of provision.  Trying to stem the "supply" is not enough.  We must eliminate the need - the "demand" - for unlimited government.  This is possible when enough people have the virtue not only to resist evil but also to do good, meeting the need on the ground level.

This is our responsibility.  Not someone else's.  Not reinforcements riding someday over the hill.  This is a job for you and me.  Will you take the challenge and do the hard work necessary to preserve liberty?

Love your neighbor.

The American people will be eager to return to the limited Constitutional paradigm only when they see it as the most beneficial way.  The reality is that a return to small government today will not be beneficial if too few of us truly care about the needs of those around us.

It's not about donating money to charity.  It's about getting involved with real people - hands-on and outside our comfort zones.  It's about renewing the local fabric of America.

We must create new communities, new means of education, new ways to provide healthcare, and so on.   We must rediscover the power of innovation as it comes to our local responsibilities.  This process will beget virtue - moral courage.  And it is virtue that will spark it in us.

The place where virtue can be cultivated best is in a local association.  It is exercised through love for one's neighbors, motivated by a love for the Creator.  As Scripture conveys: all just laws may be fulfilled simply through love for others.

We can't tell you exactly what your neighborhood needs.  That would be missing the point.  Your local association might take the form of a gardening club, or a community currency, or a medical sharing cooperative, or a softball league, or, best yet, a Bible-believing church.  

The Virtue Solution Project has developed a pattern if you'd like training in best practices.  We have a model that we would like to share with you, that provides insights for any mode of development you choose.  But only you know how to meet the needs of your neighbors and put them on the path to understanding Founding principles and exercising virtue.  

We're here to help you.  It's up to you to be a leader and do it.

America wants a brighter vision!

The American people will never be won over by a vacuum or void.  They will be won by a better alternative.  They will need to see that liberalism, socialism, central planning, and interventionism are inferior to freedom.

Through practicing virtue, we can provide that better alternative.  By exercising the plan the Founders set in the Bill of Rights, we can reclaim that freedom.  We can change the country starting at the ground level and moving to counties and states, which will then change the Federal level.

Please email us at [email protected] to sign up for this creative new approach to community activism.  If you like videos, check out messages from our highly researched experts.  Also, action links are soon to be posted from our associated groups.  For example, the Good Neighbors Project is seeking to implement "Jefferson's Hundreds" in South Carolina.

There is a brighter vision.  It simply needs to be tried.  Will you join us?