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VSP in the Charleston Post and Courier

Posted by Josiah Magnuson on March 19, 2017 at 3:35 PM

Sometimes in life everything hits you at once. This was definitely one of those weeks!


On Tuesday, I was interviewed by the Charleston Post and Courier in regards to our project. The reporter was very kind and even enthusiastic at times about what I told him. However, on Thursday afternoon I received a text message from a high-ranking official in the SC Republican Party. I gathered from what he told me that the coverage the paper was about to put out on me and Jonathon was not going to be good.


I spent Thursday afternoon and evening more or less in dread of what was going to go out. Sure enough, I woke up Friday to find that I was a radical survivalist and doomsday prepper who peddles tinfoil hats! The Post and Courier - affectionately known as "The PC" in conservative circles - had done their utmost.


One likely reason for the timing of this article stems from the fact that Rep. Jonathon Hill and I both voted against significant portions of the state budget on Monday. Further, on Tuesday I spoke out against abortion in front of the Republican Caucus in the House, even calling into question whether dependence on Federal Medicaid money was in our best interests, and then later on the House floor. I know I made a lot of people mad.


You can read the PC article here.


But what men intended for evil God intended for good. A lot of people who read the article are actually seeing through the spin and contacting us to ask how they can get involved. I'm excited to see where God leads us from here.


Here are a few points to consider mentioning if you are asked about the article.


1. Jonathon and I are being consistent in our conservatism. We are trying to actually practice what we preach about less government and more personal responsibility.


2. The goal of the Virtue Solution is not to insulate ourselves against disaster. Rather, it is to get people active and out of their comfort zone into their communities, and thereby head off potential problems that may be visible down the road. It's about shining light. We are building missions, not monasteries.


3. There is no problem with a legislator saying the answer for our country is spiritual and moral rather than political. We wish more legislators understood this, because then government wouldn't be growing so quickly into the monstrosity it is.


4. Thinking big about how to preserve liberty is a good thing. We need more people who are willing to tackle the real issues America is facing.


5. The micro-hubs we are working on aren't "stockpiles." They are training centers where we hope to engage people and nourish them in body, mind, and spirit. To the degree we want to have resources on hand for an emergency the intent is to lay out an example of what families and churches should be doing with the larger goal of cultivating self-sufficiency. Think of it as a dispersion or incubation center for mentorship.


If you'd like to volunteer, please let me know. There will be a work day on Friday for the pioneer Virtue Center coffee shop location in Campobello on Friday, so I'll look forward to hearing from you if you can participate. If you can just come for the evening to fellowship around the campfire, that is OK too.


Also, Cameron Runyan will be speaking for us at the Scriptorium in Taylors this Saturday, March 25, at 7pm. Cameron is a former Columbia City Councilman who fought the radical LGBT agenda. He will present a deep look into what is driving the cultural decline in America, and give us a new vision about how the disease can be addressed.


My cell number is 864-420-7933. If you have further questions you'd like answered about the project, please don't hesitate to call.


Thank you for your support and prayers. Let's continue to love our neighbors!



In Christ's Liberty,


Rep. R. Josiah Magnuson

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5:13 PM on March 30, 2017 
I would like to know more about your group and ideas, we have talked about similiar activities at our fire dept.
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