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Report on the Conference and Roundtable

Posted by Josiah Magnuson on October 20, 2016 at 8:05 PM

We had a wonderful discussion at the Roundtable Luncheon and a challenging conference last week. If you were there, thank you for participating, and if you couldn't make it, we missed you! Special thanks to each of our speakers, especially Dr. Dallas who joined us from Georgia.


Work has been finished on the complete presentation syllabus. It contains the outlines from all the speakers we have hosted so far, and adds several more. Please contact [email protected] to request a syllabus if you would like to take the next steps in the Virtue Solution Project!


The syllabus looks at options for community structure, essentials of preparedness, advice on medicinal herbs, cookie recipes, spiritual equipping, and more! I've divided it into four sections: Problem, Paradigm, Plan, and Practice. The suggested donation to cover costs is $25. We have about 10 available right now so be sure to get one soon.



At the conference, we didn't get a chance to go over some of the results of our Roundtable. So here's an overview of the thoughts the men contributed. We are so thankful for each one. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to add your thoughts as well.



General Concept: There was definite agreement on the need for the Virtue Solution Project, the uniqueness of its mission, the balance of elements it attempts to communicate, and the fact that the cure for the disease in our country must be administered within local communities.



Window of Opportunity: We all concurred that this is the right time to pursue such a project. Our country is hungry for leadership. It is a time for decision. With a message of hope, emphasizing outreach and light, we can bring the right challenge to people who will be willing to plug into the effort.



Non-Profit Organization: There was agreement that a "hub" is needed for the project. The goal would not be to control local communities; we absolutely want to keep neighborhood growth organic so that people can meet the needs specific to those around them. But we also want to effectively promote our ideas and communicate best practices. We can do so, for example, by providing various kinds of training with an accompanying certification to those who complete that training. It will be important to have an educational foundation of some form that will be able to raise funds for this central purpose.



Community Centers/Warehouses: There was enthusiasm for the idea of integrating into our plan new "warehouses" and neutral meeting places for local communities. At these centers, preparedness supplies could be stored as a backup system, needed tools could be made available, and classes of all kinds could be hosted. We would need to be careful not to make a community center/warehouse the basis of all project action, however. These centers ideally would provide a prototype and then diffuse action into homes and churches.



"Building" vs. "Preserving": Up to now, our theme has been that we need to cultivate virtue so that liberty and independence are possible in the future. The point was raised at the Roundtable that this way of communicating may be inconsistent with the common view that our country is currently free, and that this liberty merely needs to be sustained or preserved.


The reason we use the terminology of "building new liberty" or "a fresh beginning" is because we see practical liberty as the fruit of virtue. Today's actions have effects in the future. That is indeed one reason why small farming and preparedness factor large in the project, in keeping with Jefferson's vision for an agrarian culture in touch with the laws of nature. But because many patriotic folks today perceive liberty as only a political (or even a military) quantity, and because of the length of time it takes to properly explain otherwise, more thought is needed as to how to appropriately state our mission.


​Competition with the Church: There was a word of caution that we need to make sure we do not undermine the work of the local church. God has established churches in part to meet charitable needs - and certainly to meet spiritual ones. There was agreement that we need to work more closely with churches and pastors, as an equipping ministry.



Legal Issues and Accountability: There was also a word of caution in regards to maintaining compliance with all applicable legal guidelines. No doubt our effort will come under attack from enemies of both a political and a spiritual nature. The challenge was given that our project maintain a blameless standard, and the recommendation was given that we consult with legal counsel to ensure the integrity of our project from the get-go, which we are pursuing.


The way this project continues to come together in God's providence is truly exciting. As we've reviewed our mission and goals this summer, we have gained traction in many ways. We trust we can count on you to continue praying and being involved!



Let's keep doing right and rejecting evil, regardless of the consequences. "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good." (Romans 12:21) God's love is the way we conquer the world in the power of our Saviour.  Remember that He is the source of true virtue.


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