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A Cure for the Disease

Posted by Josiah Magnuson on September 7, 2016 at 10:30 PM

Does America have an incurable disease?  We are in crisis, but there is hope.   The key of the doorway to liberty is virtue.   We must exercise the courage and character not to comply with evil.  To do so, we must be dependent on God and each other rather than on that evil.


Today, We the People are, as a whole, dependent on big government and big corporations in the ways we most should not be. This dependency has made our society fragile.  Our resiliency that allows us to weather natural, economic, and cultural storms has been depleted.  Worse, our capacity to resist tyranny has been undermined, because officials at the local and state levels are neither held accountable nor feel they have the backing among their constituents they need to stand up for the Constitution.  There is a cure – but it will be uncomfortable.


The dependency of America has created widespread apathy.  At its root, this problem is a spiritual one.  An awakening of the manly desire to act and aspire in the power of the Holy Spirit is required, in opposition to the beastly impulse to seek ease and safety.  God’s people must be challenged to take initiative and add virtue to faith, as disciples of Jesus Christ.   The starting point is to make God alone the recipient of our love – with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. This perfect love overcomes fear. It gives us the motivation to take action.  It gives us the strength to endure in hardship.   It allows us to serve others.


But our failure to give true love to God has resulted in a failure to give true love to the needy around us.  The command to love our neighbors has too often been set aside.  In turn, the lack of care from the church has shifted the burden to government and thus exacerbated the dependency of America on sources that seek our downfall.


Today, people take Federal money for lack of help from neighbors or ability to build a solution on their own.  This addiction to Federal money makes it even harder for people to stand for the right and allows the Federal government to become more evil and reach further beyond its lawful boundaries.  Thus, we see there is a vicious cycle destroying the character of our country.


Dependency on, and participation in, evil has outsourced not only our physical well-being but also our civic liberty.  Those who provide and protect command allegiance.  Yet we think we can shake unlawful Federal control?  If we are to live within a free structure of government in which the people give allegiance to the law and reject usurpers and their illegal actions, we must build that structure anew by providing new avenues of provision and protection.  We must again learn the meaning of virtue.

There are no reinforcements coming to save us.  Freedom depends on you and me.


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