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Six Things the Virtue Solution is Not

Posted by Josiah Magnuson on January 27, 2016 at 9:45 AM

As we get closer to our second conference (Feb. 27) and look to promote the project on a broader scale, it's a good time to examine some areas where the Virtue Solution does not fit. 

We have some specific goals for the project, which are to correctly implement each of the five "tools" in the Bill of Rights, and a definite objective: to equip American citizens to build a fresh beginning for our country by practicing love for their neighbors, strengthening their communities, and upholding the law.  We need to be clear that though we recommend each community, church, family, or other group involved in this project take initiative to meet the needs of those around them, there are certain ways of doing so that we reject.  Our whole paradigm is based on the supremacy of the Creator and the cultivation of His virtue.  We need to take care that our work remain founded on this paradigm.

1. We are not communal or communistic.  Though we advocate community, it is through a strictly voluntary process.  The family is an essential building block for the community and each family should hold property.  Further, we do not support the pooling of finances between families beyond funding for specific work projects (e.g., developing an energy system).  The aim here is to get people to take physical action to help others, not to create a communal or corporate enterprise.

2. We are not revolutionary.  The goal in creating strong communities is to avoid violence, not to cause it.  We uphold the law and protect one another - we do not seek the overthrow of any constituted authority.  When we discuss militia needs, it is for the goal of peace through strength.  We will only use militia force in immediate defense by the consent of the one under threat.

3. We are not anarchist.  God has ordained civil government to punish evil and protect good.  It is rare in history that people have lived apart from a government in some form.  A society that turns to anarchy often does so at the behest of the power-hungry, who take control when the mob turns to them for an answer.  The question the lover of liberty will pose is merely what is a legitimate exercise of government - whether as a decentralized body under God's laws and the will of the people, or as a consolidated one that believes it holds the power to chart the course and coerce others to follow.

4. We are not a religious denomination.  This project operates in the civil jurisdiction, not the church.  The organizers are adamant that virtue must spring from spiritual awakening - from faith in God and His works.  If Christ should choose to build His church through this endeavor, we will be happy to see it, but the project itself will be focused on our responsibilities in society as a whole.  Churches are welcome to join in to our effort and use our material without any change in their religious affiliation.

5. We do not seek to make money.  We accept donations for specific needs but we do not actively solicit funds, and all our leaders and organizers work on a volunteer basis.

6. We are not a front group.  All are welcome at our functions and we distribute material to everyone who will take it.  However, we do not want to build communities that exist for the purpose of advancing an organization.  Our chief concern on this regard is that Virtue Solution communities not become recruiting centers for a political party or for the Convention of States movement.  There are many honorable people in these efforts, but we do not believe such causes hold the answer to the problems of our time, and indeed they tend to distract from the true needs.

Let's stay focused on the real cure: the application of courage by means of the tools the Founders showed us, ignited by the work of God in the minds and hearts of the American people.

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