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Virtue is cultivated over time.  It's not a quick fix, and the sooner we stop looking for a quick fix, the closer we will be to being virtuous as a people.  This blog will attempt to track the growth of the Virtue Solution Project and will also provide news about courageous moral action across the country.

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Audio From the June 24 Seminar

Posted by Josiah Magnuson on July 6, 2017 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (0)

We had a wonderful seminar the afternoon and evening of Saturday, June 24. The room was filled, the presentations were on point, and the discussion was an inspiration.

Thank you so much to our committed volunteers who worked hard to help us get ready for the event: Justin Summerlin, Josiah Hill, and Stephanie Magnuson!

Also, special thanks to Jay Kilmartin of The Melting Pot Restaurant for sponsoring the printing of our newest project overview booklet!

You're invited to listen to the audio from the seminar here:

"What is Virtue?" (Rep. Josiah Magnuson)

"The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates" (Dr. Matthew Clark)

"Steps to Courageous Community" (Rep. Josiah Magnuson)

"The Benefits of Virtue" (Rep. Jonathon Hill plus Q&A/discussion)

If you'd like a bumper sticker, they are available for a donation of any amount. The three new types include: "Love Your Neighbor," "Freedom Takes Courage," and "Liberty Rests on God."  Please visit here to contribute to the Virtue Solution Project!

Thank you again for your prayer and support. May God empower you to keep loving your neighbors as a light for His glory.

VSP in the Charleston Post and Courier

Posted by Josiah Magnuson on March 19, 2017 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Sometimes in life everything hits you at once. This was definitely one of those weeks!


On Tuesday, I was interviewed by the Charleston Post and Courier in regards to our project. The reporter was very kind and even enthusiastic at times about what I told him. However, on Thursday afternoon I received a text message from a high-ranking official in the SC Republican Party. I gathered from what he told me that the coverage the paper was about to put out on me and Jonathon was not going to be good.


I spent Thursday afternoon and evening more or less in dread of what was going to go out. Sure enough, I woke up Friday to find that I was a radical survivalist and doomsday prepper who peddles tinfoil hats! The Post and Courier - affectionately known as "The PC" in conservative circles - had done their utmost.


One likely reason for the timing of this article stems from the fact that Rep. Jonathon Hill and I both voted against significant portions of the state budget on Monday. Further, on Tuesday I spoke out against abortion in front of the Republican Caucus in the House, even calling into question whether dependence on Federal Medicaid money was in our best interests, and then" target="_blank">later on the House floor. I know I made a lot of people mad.


You can read the PC article here.


But what men intended for evil God intended for good. A lot of people who read the article are actually seeing through the spin and contacting us to ask how they can get involved. I'm excited to see where God leads us from here.


Here are a few points to consider mentioning if you are asked about the article.


1. Jonathon and I are being consistent in our conservatism. We are trying to actually practice what we preach about less government and more personal responsibility.


2. The goal of the Virtue Solution is not to insulate ourselves against disaster. Rather, it is to get people active and out of their comfort zone into their communities, and thereby head off potential problems that may be visible down the road. It's about shining light. We are building missions, not monasteries.


3. There is no problem with a legislator saying the answer for our country is spiritual and moral rather than political. We wish more legislators understood this, because then government wouldn't be growing so quickly into the monstrosity it is.


4. Thinking big about how to preserve liberty is a good thing. We need more people who are willing to tackle the real issues America is facing.


5. The micro-hubs we are working on aren't "stockpiles" per se. They are training centers where we hope to engage people and nourish them in body, mind, and spirit. To the degree we want to "stockpile" resources for an emergency the intent is really to lay out an example of what families and churches should each be doing. Think of it more as a dispersion or incubation center for mentorship.


If you'd like to volunteer, please let me know. There will be a work day on Friday for the pioneer Virtue Center coffee shop location in Campobello on Friday, so I'll look forward to hearing from you if you can participate. If you can just come for the evening to fellowship around the campfire, that is OK too.


Also, Cameron Runyan will be speaking for us at the Scriptorium in Taylors this Saturday, March 25, at 7pm. Cameron is a former Columbia City Councilman who fought the radical LGBT agenda. He will present a deep look into what is driving the cultural decline in America, and give us a new vision about how the disease can be addressed.


My cell number is 864-420-7933. If you have further questions you'd like answered about the project, please don't hesitate to call.


Thank you for your support and prayers. Let's continue to love our neighbors!



In Christ's Liberty,


Rep. R. Josiah Magnuson

Report on the Conference and Roundtable

Posted by Josiah Magnuson on October 20, 2016 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (0)

We had a wonderful discussion at the Roundtable Luncheon and a challenging conference last week. If you were there, thank you for participating, and if you couldn't make it, we missed you! Special thanks to each of our speakers, especially Dr. Dallas who joined us from Georgia.


Work has been finished on the complete presentation syllabus. It contains the outlines from all the speakers we have hosted so far, and adds several more. Please contact [email protected] to request a syllabus if you would like to take the next steps in the Virtue Solution Project!


The syllabus looks at options for community structure, essentials of preparedness, advice on medicinal herbs, cookie recipes, spiritual equipping, and more! I've divided it into four sections: Problem, Paradigm, Plan, and Practice. The suggested donation to cover costs is $25. We have about 10 available right now so be sure to get one soon.



At the conference, we didn't get a chance to go over some of the results of our Roundtable. So here's an overview of the thoughts the men contributed. We are so thankful for each one. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to add your thoughts as well.



General Concept: There was definite agreement on the need for the Virtue Solution Project, the uniqueness of its mission, the balance of elements it attempts to communicate, and the fact that the cure for the disease in our country must be administered within local communities.



Window of Opportunity: We all concurred that this is the right time to pursue such a project. Our country is hungry for leadership. It is a time for decision. With a message of hope, emphasizing outreach and light, we can bring the right challenge to people who will be willing to plug into the effort.



Non-Profit Organization: There was agreement that a "hub" is needed for the project. The goal would not be to control local communities; we absolutely want to keep neighborhood growth organic so that people can meet the needs specific to those around them. But we also want to effectively promote our ideas and communicate best practices. We can do so, for example, by providing various kinds of training with an accompanying certification to those who complete that training. It will be important to have an educational foundation of some form that will be able to raise funds for this central purpose.



Community Centers/Warehouses: There was enthusiasm for the idea of integrating into our plan new "warehouses" and neutral meeting places for local communities. At these centers, preparedness supplies could be stored as a backup system, needed tools could be made available, and classes of all kinds could be hosted. We would need to be careful not to make a community center/warehouse the basis of all project action, however. These centers ideally would provide a prototype and then diffuse action into homes and churches.



"Building" vs. "Preserving": Up to now, our theme has been that we need to cultivate virtue so that liberty and independence are possible in the future. The point was raised at the Roundtable that this way of communicating may be inconsistent with the common view that our country is currently free, and that this liberty merely needs to be sustained or preserved.


The reason we use the terminology of "building new liberty" or "a fresh beginning" is because we see practical liberty as the fruit of virtue. Today's actions have effects in the future. That is indeed one reason why small farming and preparedness factor large in the project, in keeping with Jefferson's vision for an agrarian culture in touch with the laws of nature. But because many patriotic folks today perceive liberty as only a political (or even a military) quantity, and because of the length of time it takes to properly explain otherwise, more thought is needed as to how to appropriately state our mission.


​Competition with the Church: There was a word of caution that we need to make sure we do not undermine the work of the local church. God has established churches in part to meet charitable needs - and certainly to meet spiritual ones. There was agreement that we need to work more closely with churches and pastors, as an equipping ministry.



Legal Issues and Accountability: There was also a word of caution in regards to maintaining compliance with all applicable legal guidelines. No doubt our effort will come under attack from enemies of both a political and a spiritual nature. The challenge was given that our project maintain a blameless standard, and the recommendation was given that we consult with legal counsel to ensure the integrity of our project from the get-go, which we are pursuing.


The way this project continues to come together in God's providence is truly exciting. As we've reviewed our mission and goals this summer, we have gained traction in many ways. We trust we can count on you to continue praying and being involved!



Let's keep doing right and rejecting evil, regardless of the consequences. "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good." (Romans 12:21) God's love is the way we conquer the world in the power of our Saviour.  Remember that He is the source of true virtue.


Half-Day Conference on October 8

Posted by Josiah Magnuson on September 7, 2016 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Do you believe America is on the wrong track, and realize the popular solutions of the day aren't working?  Are you willing to learn the hard truth about what it will take to make liberty possible again?  Do you want to take action on the plan the Founders gave us?  Don't miss this half-day conference on Saturday, October 8, 2016! 

The location will be The Scriptorium in Taylors, SC.  The address is 3501 Rutherford Rd. Extension, Taylors, SC 29687.  The public is invited starting at 2pm.  At 6pm a potluck-style dinner will be served prior to the evening session.

2pm - Dr. Cham Dallas - Threats to America’s Security

2:45 - Josiah Magnuson - Islands of Refuge to Protect Your Family

3:30 - Jim Davis - Your Options for Community Structure

4:05 - Stephanie Magnuson - Key Aspects of Medical Preparedness

4:20 - Josiah Magnuson - Steps for Individual Daily Action

4:55 - Dr. Cham Dallas - The Spiritual Foundations of Leadership

5:40 - Questions and Answers

6:00 - Dinner

7:15 - Rep. Jonathon Hill - Virtuous Moments in American History

7:50 - Rev. Roy Magnuson - How to Add Virtue to Your Faith

Please bring a dish to share for our potluck dinner if you are able. At the close of the evening everyone is invited to stay for fellowship around pie and ice cream.

A Cure for the Disease

Posted by Josiah Magnuson on September 7, 2016 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Does America have an incurable disease?  We are in crisis, but there is hope.   The key of the doorway to liberty is virtue.   We must exercise the courage and character not to comply with evil.  To do so, we must be dependent on God and each other rather than on that evil.


Today, We the People are, as a whole, dependent on big government and big corporations in the ways we most should not be. This dependency has made our society fragile.  Our resiliency that allows us to weather natural, economic, and cultural storms has been depleted.  Worse, our capacity to resist tyranny has been undermined, because officials at the local and state levels are neither held accountable nor feel they have the backing among their constituents they need to stand up for the Constitution.  There is a cure – but it will be uncomfortable.


The dependency of America has created widespread apathy.  At its root, this problem is a spiritual one.  An awakening of the manly desire to act and aspire in the power of the Holy Spirit is required, in opposition to the beastly impulse to seek ease and safety.  God’s people must be challenged to take initiative and add virtue to faith, as disciples of Jesus Christ.   The starting point is to make God alone the recipient of our love – with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. This perfect love overcomes fear. It gives us the motivation to take action.  It gives us the strength to endure in hardship.   It allows us to serve others.


But our failure to give true love to God has resulted in a failure to give true love to the needy around us.  The command to love our neighbors has too often been set aside.  In turn, the lack of care from the church has shifted the burden to government and thus exacerbated the dependency of America on sources that seek our downfall.


Today, people take Federal money for lack of help from neighbors or ability to build a solution on their own.  This addiction to Federal money makes it even harder for people to stand for the right and allows the Federal government to become more evil and reach further beyond its lawful boundaries.  Thus, we see there is a vicious cycle destroying the character of our country.


Dependency on, and participation in, evil has outsourced not only our physical well-being but also our civic liberty.  Those who provide and protect command allegiance.  Yet we think we can shake unlawful Federal control?  If we are to live within a free structure of government in which the people give allegiance to the law and reject usurpers and their illegal actions, we must build that structure anew by providing new avenues of provision and protection.  We must again learn the meaning of virtue.

There are no reinforcements coming to save us.  Freedom depends on you and me.


VSP Organizers Win State House Races

Posted by Josiah Magnuson on September 7, 2016 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (0)

By God's grace, both Josiah Magnuson and Jonathon Hill, the co-organizers of the Virtue Solution Project, won victories in their respective SC State House races on June 14.  Josiah defeated a 3-term incumbent in District 38 (northern Spartanburg County) with 58%.  Jonathon retained his seat in District 8 (western Anderson County), avoiding a runoff with 51%.  Please pray for these men as they seek to glorify God by advancing liberty and virtue in the South Carolina legislature.

April 30: The Third Conference

Posted by Josiah Magnuson on March 20, 2016 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Did the Founders of our country put a plan in place for us to use if America came to the brink of tyranny? Did they give us the tools to protect our liberty? Yes!


It's time to learn what those tools are - many of them in the Bill of Rights - and take action to love our neighbors, build community self-sufficiency, publish the truth, and stand together to uphold the law! In short, it's time to demonstrate virtue: moral courage. Our country is hungry for courage and leadership, and who will provide it if not you and me?


This conference will explain the true nature of America's disease, what the cure looks like, and what practical steps you can take to help administer the cure.


We will include foundational material similar to that of the previous two conferences, plus more in-depth information in the areas of preparedness and the "doctrine of the lesser magistrates." This is an opportunity to get your friends involved.


With questions, please email Jim Davis at [email protected]


You can see a sampling of videos from the first conference on December 5 here. We've had a great time at the past two events and trust you will help us make this one an even bigger success!" target="_blank">RSVP today when you click here.

Rebuilding Virtue When it Seems Lost

Posted by Josiah Magnuson on March 20, 2016 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)

I recently received a question in regards to how to rebuild virtue if in fact this moral courage and character is not present, on the whole, in American culture today.  It's a difficult subject to address.  But here is my best attempt.

We find a Biblical command in regards to virtue in II Peter 1:5.  I believe in order to see how to add virtue to our faith, we have to look at the context of this passage.


We first of all have to have faith to add virtue to. We know from Romans 10:17 that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. If faith is the foundation of the house, Scripture is the concrete truck. Looking back to the beginning of I Peter, the way to pour the concrete is "through" the righteousness of God. We must receive the righteous work of Christ - His life, death, and resurrection on our behalf - if we are to have any success with the rest of this project.


Second, we should realize we have already been given all the construction materials we need in Christ. Through God's power we are "called" to virtue. We should see virtue as a crucial element of God's blueprint - the resources for which He has already entrusted to us. The power is found in His great and precious promises, which are made real to us by the presence of the Holy Spirit in us. The Holy Spirit allows us to "escape the corruption that is in the world through lust."


Third, we are told that how to add virtue (and the other qualities that follow) is by "giving all diligence." The word for "diligence" (G4710 in Strong's if you want to look it up) is translated numerous ways in the KJV but it has to do with quick devotion to, and care for, a goal or another person. Maybe a good word to sum it up would be "eagerness." So I believe we should cultivate in ourselves a spirit of eagerness to do things even that may seem hard or difficult.


Fourth, we should pay close attention to the "specs" - in this case, the personal pronouns in the passage. The promises are actually given to "us" which in looking back at verse 1 seems to refer to the apostles and/or mature believers. I believe this speaks to the point that virtue springs from virtue. When there are others demonstrating a spirit of courage, it inspires you and me to do the same thing. We should follow the example of mature individuals who have successfully applied God's promises, and where possible, be mentored by them.


Finally, we should realize that this passage provides a command. It simply says "add." There's a sense in which to get virtue we have to "just do it." There's no amount of planning or talking or enacting that will meet the need. We've got to take courageous (though prudent) action.



As far as specific steps to take to rebuild our country, I really believe that one of the most important things we must do is fight the entertainment culture. We the People are too often consumers rather than producers. Just simply creating useful things, especially toward self-sufficiency, goes a long ways toward restoring character.  Through being accountable to those around us, and working with them toward these goals, we become a stronger people.

For a further look at this crucial topic, please attend our next conference.  It will be held at Christian Assembly of God, 2416 Wade Hampton Blvd, Greenville, SC 29615 on Saturday, April 30, 2016 beginning at 9am.


Feb. 27 Conference in Greenville, SC

Posted by Josiah Magnuson on February 8, 2016 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Good news.  We have confirmed our location for the Virtue Solution Conference on February 27, 2016!  Many thanks to Christian Assembly of God for agreeing to host our event. The address is 2416 Wade Hampton Blvd., Greenville, SC 29615.


Please go to to reserve your tickets.   The event is free but we'd like to get a count on how many are attending.  Also, we will purchase Chick-fil-A lunches for those who would like to help us offset our costs with a $15 donation.


The morning sessions will provide an overview of the project and demonstrate that virtue is the cure to America's disease of apathy and dependency.   The afternoon sessions will delve deeper than did our previous conference, addressing practical steps to take toward building a virtuous, prepared community.   We will be joined from the Lowcountry by special guest Pastor Gordon Cashwell, who has already set up eight communities with a like vision.  You don't want to miss it.



Thanks for being involved!   Look to see you on the 27th.

Six Things the Virtue Solution is Not

Posted by Josiah Magnuson on January 27, 2016 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

As we get closer to our second conference (Feb. 27) and look to promote the project on a broader scale, it's a good time to examine some areas where the Virtue Solution does not fit. 

We have some specific goals for the project, which are to correctly implement each of the five "tools" in the Bill of Rights, and a definite objective: to equip American citizens to build a fresh beginning for our country by practicing love for their neighbors, strengthening their communities, and upholding the law.  We need to be clear that though we recommend each community, church, family, or other group involved in this project take initiative to meet the needs of those around them, there are certain ways of doing so that we reject.  Our whole paradigm is based on the supremacy of the Creator and the cultivation of His virtue.  We need to take care that our work remain founded on this paradigm.

1. We are not communal or communistic.  Though we advocate community, it is through a strictly voluntary process.  The family is an essential building block for the community and each family should hold property.  Further, we do not support the pooling of finances between families beyond funding for specific work projects (e.g., developing an energy system).  The aim here is to get people to take physical action to help others, not to create a communal or corporate enterprise.

2. We are not revolutionary.  The goal in creating strong communities is to avoid violence, not to cause it.  We uphold the law and protect one another - we do not seek the overthrow of any constituted authority.  When we discuss militia needs, it is for the goal of peace through strength.  We will only use militia force in immediate defense by the consent of the one under threat.

3. We are not anarchist.  God has ordained civil government to punish evil and protect good.  It is rare in history that people have lived apart from a government in some form.  A society that turns to anarchy often does so at the behest of the power-hungry, who take control when the mob turns to them for an answer.  The question the lover of liberty will pose is merely what is a legitimate exercise of government - whether as a decentralized body under God's laws and the will of the people, or as a consolidated one that believes it holds the power to chart the course and coerce others to follow.

4. We are not a religious denomination.  This project operates in the civil jurisdiction, not the church.  The organizers are adamant that virtue must spring from spiritual awakening - from faith in God and His works.  If Christ should choose to build His church through this endeavor, we will be happy to see it, but the project itself will be focused on our responsibilities in society as a whole.  Churches are welcome to join in to our effort and use our material without any change in their religious affiliation.

5. We do not seek to make money.  We accept donations for specific needs but we do not actively solicit funds, and all our leaders and organizers work on a volunteer basis.

6. We are not a front group.  All are welcome at our functions and we distribute material to everyone who will take it.  However, we do not want to build communities that exist for the purpose of advancing an organization.  Our chief concern on this regard is that Virtue Solution communities not become recruiting centers for a political party or for the Convention of States movement.  There are many honorable people in these efforts, but we do not believe such causes hold the answer to the problems of our time, and indeed they tend to distract from the true needs.

Let's stay focused on the real cure: the application of courage by means of the tools the Founders showed us, ignited by the work of God in the minds and hearts of the American people.